About Us

Hip Hop Don't Stop is an International Movement that pays homage to the roots of Hip-Hop by embracing all cultures, all forms of music that are the backbone of hip-hop, all styles stemming from hip-hop, and try's to educate the public and the youth about where it all started.

The party was founded a decade ago in Berlin Germany by DJ San Gabriel & DJ Giam where house, techno, and electronic dance music dominated the nightlife and nightclub scene. It wasn't until San Gabriel proved that a Hip-Hop party could draw a cool and sophisticated crowd, if thrown and promoted properly, by bringing Maseo from De La Soul for San Gabriel's Birthday and Hip Hop Don't Stop's opening night. For the last 10 years Hip Hop Don't Stop has carefully curated the right DJ's, the right Performing Artists, in the right Venues, with the right themes to create the hottest Hip-Hop party in Europe and now launching in Miami and other major cities throughout the U.S. where Tom Laroc and Mike L represent Hip Hop Don't Stop!

Hip Hop Don't Stop parties are more than just a night out at a club. We are a family, all the children of hip-hop, and when you come to a HHDS party you are surrounded by like-minded people, great music, along side themed signature food and cocktails to match the vibe of the night.

We hope you join us in any city a Hip Hop Don't Stop event is taking place!

Join our HHDS Members Club today, so you never miss one of our events, and get an exclusive hip-hop tee delivered to your mailbox every month!